The West African Centre of Water, Irrigation and Sustainable Agriculture (WACWISA) provides a conducive opportunity for students, faculty, and researchers from all over Africa and beyond, to study and work. Strategically located in the drylands of northern Ghana in the “middle” of the Guinea-Sudano-Sahelian region of West Africa, where perennial drought and flooding is affecting agricultural activities, WACWISA offers a perfect environment for teaching and learning as well as research in its thematic areas of study and research. A serene environment in the savannah ecosystem is what WACWISA offers to enhance acquisition and discovery as well as development of knowledge systems.

Our students do not only benefit from our strong academic and research programs, but also leverage on our existing relationship with industry for practical learning and career development opportunities.

WACWISA also provides an exciting learning and research experience both on-campus and in the field for students to be able to explore their full potential. It provides a very conducive teaching and learning environment as well as modern laboratory facilities for use by students and researchers.

Its students are from different African countries with interns coming from different parts of the world. WACWISA offers full and partial scholarships to mostly students of African origin at the Masters and PhD level mostly in support of tuition, living cost, practical training, mobility and research.

The WACWISA-Industry linkages have also build a system of allowing researchers jointly with students to contribute to providing sustainable solutions.

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