Our Core Values

The core values of WACWISA which guides its training and research include:

  • Quality and Excellence

    Quality will be a hallmark of research and academic trainings at WACWISA whilst striving for excellence in delivery of training modules and research needs.

  • Unity in Diversity

    WACWISA will have a cultural diversity of trainers and trainees including staff, students, scientist, administrators and partners who will work jointly with the highest level of oneness in harnessing the various skills, talents and resources to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Diligence and Integrity

    Diligence in ensuring the achievement of the most desirous results as well as demanding and maintaining the highest level of ethical and professional standards of all the players in its activities and members is utmost

  • Coaching and Mentoring

    Coaching and mentoring to nurture excellent scientific leaders, workforce and drivers of the water, irrigation and sustainable agriculture sectors are core to our scientific excellence.

  • Shared Governance and Responsibility

    The Centre values the views of all its stakeholders and sees same as very important in the forward march of all its growth process. The inculcation of responsibility in all actions taken by all players and stakeholders in the Centres activities in doing what is right.

  • Transparency and Accountability

    Openness and transparency in the use of funds with knowledge that investment in the Centre is for a general good and thus every investment must be accounted transparently.

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