Dr. Dzigbodi A. Doke holds a PhD in Environmental Health. The main focus of her doctoral work was in risk assessment, which estimates the nature and probability of adverse effects as a result o/the-wacwisa-team/f exposures to environmental stressors. Ultimately, this work is a contribution to environmental management and policy. Her research interests include improving assessment of environmental risks of developmental projects, communications and community engagement for sound environmental management.

She has a rich background in community based resource management. She has served as a member in the Upper West Regional Environmental Management Committee, providing technical advice on environmental management issues in the region. She has collaborated with several international organizations and institutions in research including the WLE, UNDP, IUCN, GEF-SGP.

She is currently a Senior Lecturer and a Head of Department in the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment. She is a recipient of several prestigious awards including a Fulbright Scholarship Award, International Tropical Timber Organization Fellowship Award, Society of Toxicology Travel Award and the Association of African Universities Staff Exchange Award. Her studies in the past include an undergraduate study in Integrated Development Studies and an MPhil in Environmental Science where she focused on Water and Forest Resource Management.

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